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Individual online training with the best tutors

Do you want a language teacher who responds to your individual needs? Do you want to learn a foreign language quickly, with flexible scheduling and according to your learning rhythm? Do you need individual preparation for a language certificate that will help you in your career?

Then you have found the right place. We specialize in holding individual training. No time wasted in a large group, no rigid lesson times, no standard boring language courses, but a tailor-made course specially designed for you.

Multilingualism is a key skill in today’s professional world and investing in your own education is the best thing you can do. Why? More job opportunities, greater career possibilities and, in any case, you can argue better in the next salary negotiation.

We offer language courses for


Our training programs are developed individually for you. We pay attention not only to your language level, but also to your personal requirements and those of your professional environment. The vocabulary you learn is geared to your requirements, whether you are a doctor, architect, salesman, media designer or an astronaut, with us you learn today what you can put into practice tomorrow.

How it works


In a free consultation we want to know what you need, what time frame you have and how you envision the course in general.

Within a short time you will receive a detailed proposal from us.
If you like the proposal, we will quickly and efficiently organize your personalized language course, including entrance test and course materials.
During the training we always pay attention to your satisfaction and motivation.
A final interview and a diploma completes the training.

Our Team

Our teachers are competent, emphatic and quickly recognize your needs. A good language teacher puts themselves into your situation with heart and soul and accompanies you through practical training with ease to the goal.

Programmes and contents

Business language training – technical language at your fingertips

Are you a lawyer or an architect? Do you work in marketing or sales? Do you deal with complaints or prepare quotations? In the office and in contact with business partners, it’s not only the basics of the language that are important, but also thematic terms from your working world.

General language skills

You are starting at the beginning of your journey and want to learn the basics of the language? Together with your trainer you will learn the four basic elements of the language: understanding/ speaking/ reading/ writing. We attach great importance to a varied didactic approach. Current topics from daily life and your professional life are incorporated into the course. In addition, a course book with audio CD supports you in the learning process.

Language certificates

There are various certificates for the different foreign languages. Language certificates are standardised examinations that are valid worldwide and for life. For example, you can take a Goethe or ÖSD for German, a CELI or PLIDA for Italian, and a TOEFL, Cambridge or IELTS exam for English. We prepare you specifically and individually for these exams. German and Italian language certificates are recognised for the bilingual exam.

Your advantages

You don’t miss a single lesson, meetings cancelled in time will be made up for
You are always active in the course and have plenty of time to talk, write and study.
You progress much faster than in a group course (on average almost twice as fast)
The course is adapted to your needs, your learning content and your learning speed.
The schedule with the teacher is flexible and can be arranged on a weekly basis.
You have more confidence and relaxation in using the language
You will have better career opportunities and job prospects due to your new language skills

Our promise to you

A fast and precise organization
A reliable contact person who will not keep you waiting
Masterful problem solving (if any arise)
Change of teacher at any time, if for any reason it does not suit you
A large network of language trainers
Level analysis and goal setting, so we know where the journey is going
Continuous evaluation to see if you are still motivated and on the right track
Practical training, so that participants learn what they can use the next day
Certified, trained and motivated language teachers with experience

Pegasus International Language Academy

We have a network throughout Europe and can organise language courses for your desired language at your company anywhere in Europe.

Are you curious? Contact us today and we will arrange a phone or personal meeting.


I took an English language course and I am very satisfied. I was very well looked after and my needs were met exactly. We went through exactly the elements I needed or didn’t understand well or couldn’t do well. Over time, I made progress and learned the English language better than I could have on my own.
Anton F.

It’s nice when the lessons take place at home, so I don’t have to travel far, I’m in a familiar environment and can concentrate better. I also have all the documents with me when I need them.
I was very motivated because I really wanted to pass this exam, which I took voluntarily. Of course, the Pegasus teacher supported me and so I finally passed this language exam.
Christian S. – St. Pauls

I am attending a one-to-one German course, with which I am very satisfied, because of the professionalism, the maximum availability of the teacher, as well as her friendliness, which certainly lightens the study of a language that is not exactly easy.
My needs were immediately understood and my expectations were not disappointed, on the contrary, they were fully met.
Since attending this course, I have gained more confidence and notice my improvements day after day. This makes the training experience stimulating and rewarding.
Lawyer Sonia L.

Agata is doing a wonderful job. She is really an asset to her team. I am extremely enthusiastic and have already recommended Pegasus to others. At the beginning, the price made me think a bit, because I could hardly afford it at the beginning of my self-employment. But education costs and is incredibly important. Besides, it’s a one-to-one course, so it’s a completely different quality. When I have fully internalised Italian, I will take the next step with you next year or the year after and tackle English. Unfortunately, I only have the knowledge of 5 years of secondary school…. but as I said, that will come in a second moment.
Sunny greetings, Martina

I already took the exam this week and today I received the positive news that I passed the exam. I would like to thank you for the quick organisation and especially for sending me a language trainer, Beatrice, who did an excellent job and prepared me very well with a lot of skill and patience.
Thank you again and kind regards,
Oskar Schwazer



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