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Online individual lessons for your kids.

You want better grades for your child? Do you want your kid to pass school with more ease and joy? Do many conversations in your family revolve around the topic of school? Do you wish for relief for yourself and professional support? Then you don’t have to look any further, you’ve come to the right place.

We have been helping students for many years and have successfully guided thousands of them through school life. Our tutors are competent, motivated and professionally prepared. They meet students at eye level and jump for joy when they celebrate the new courage, motivation and better grades with the students.

“It’s such a great feeling when I help make my tutoring students’ lives easier, when I see them go back to school with more joy and motivation and belief in themselves. That just gives me an incredible amount,” says Maria, one of our 700 tutors.

We support children and teenagers of all school levels by providing individual online tutoring all over the world, or even tutoring in your home, if you live in Northern Italy. From elementary school to high school graduation. All subjects, all school levels.

This takes the pressure off and brings new ease into everyday school life. Better grades bring new motivation and joy. Our Pegasus tutors try to reawaken the student’s natural curiosity. More success with homework, learning becomes easier and worries and problems for students and parents are blown away.

We also assist students in completing their homework. Our tutor can help with all subjects. We keep track of upcoming schoolwork and exams, divide the week with your child and help with any unanswered questions. This takes the pressure off and creates more space for a relaxed family life.

Our teachers team

Our teachers are competent, well trained and motivated. Each teacher is personally interviewed and selected by us. In addition to good training and didactics, we also pay attention to the level of heart. Only those who tutor with enthusiasm and empathy are successful.

Our teachers quickly recognize the needs and gaps of the student. Right from the start, the lessons are specifically tailored to the needs of your child.

How it works:


Consultation: In a personal face-to-face or online consultation, we’ll find out what’s going on and explain how we can best support your child. This is absolutely free and without obligation.


Offer: We will then send you a proposal for a suitable tutoring package. We agree on a suitable tutoring concept in advance. This makes sense and brings security and continuity, for you and for your child.


Start: If you like our proposal, we can organize the tutoring quickly and easily. We will select the right teacher for your child from our extensive team of employees. You can sit back and wait for our teacher to contact you.


Try out: Students, parents and teacher get to know each other, discuss content and goals. If the feeling is right, the tutoring continues. You can ask us to change teachers at any time if the assigned teacher is not a good choice for your child.


Scheduling: Appointments are made directly with your tutor. Since the lessons take place online or at home, you are always in close contact with the tutor.


One-to-one: One-on-one tutoring is simply the best way to help your child quickly and efficiently. We have so much experience with it.


Online: Online is like having the teacher sitting next to you. There is no difference and the teachers are trained to keep straight contact with the student.

Our strengths, your advantages

We don’t like big blah blah. Of course, you can also search for a teacher yourself, browse the internet, call friends or your family and waste valuable time. This takes time and you have no idea who will take care of your kid! Are the qualifications right? Is the teacher the right choice? Can I rely on him or her? Be safe and let us do the work, so that you can relax.

When you book your tutoring through Pegasus, you have a number of advantages.


We select each tutor personally. This is important. A Pegasus tutor must not only be professionally competent, the joy of teaching must shine from their eyes.


We constantly get feedback from parents, so our teachers are constantly improving. Reliability, heart level and kindness are just some of the virtues we look for in our staff.


If something is not right with the teacher, the feeling is not right, then you can ask us for a new teacher any time. Should a teacher be absent for a longer period of time (e.g. due to illness etc.) then we will send you a replacement.

We advise you without obligation and free of charge. So we decide together with you what is best for you and your child. You don’t need to grind your teeth with us.

Fast organization is guaranteed. Normally, tutoring starts within a week of enrolment.

Our office staff is available for you, will solve all your problems and help you with any matter.
Do you think we can help you too? We can! Contact us stress free and we can find out together.

Programmes and contents


With our tutoring programmes we support students who have problems in one, two, three or more subjects or who simply want to improve. We use experienced teachers who can help in a competent and goal-oriented way.The number of meetings and the weekly frequency will be agreed with you during the first counselling session.


Homework help is aimed at primary and secondary school students who generally have difficulties in learning and organising their homework.
In interdisciplinary homework help, the teacher is a tutor. Pegasus tutors can help in all subjects, check homework and discuss upcoming schoolwork and tests with your child. We make sure that preparation starts on time and we check that your child has understood the school material. Our tutor shows your child how to learn efficiently and gradually become independent.
97% of our customers are satisfied with the tutoring
92% of our students improve their grades
96% of our students pass the final exam

What parents say

Our daughter attends the language school. After the first semester, she had a negative grade in Italian on her report card, although she is an intelligent and diligent student. I can say that she was desperate. She said she didn’t know what else she could do to finally write positively. She had tried and done everything. It was a load off my mind when I discovered Pegasus: an already proven professional – to our house!!!

I recommend Pegasus out of gratitude. The friendliness, the easy and immediate process, as well as the value for money are excellent. I wish students and parents to take this opportunity and Pegasus many customers to ensure its existence.
Kind regards


Our daughter has now got an 8 in her report card.

I am very satisfied with Pegasus, I noticed that already during the 1st tutoring session. I am very well looked after during the tutoring sessions and we work specifically on my gaps and doubts. I can share my doubts at any time and the teacher prepares specifically for them. Regarding my progress, I can say that I noticed it immediately, even the teachers at school noticed it within a short time. Before I started tutoring, I had serious doubts whether I would pass the Matura exam, but now I can say with a clear conscience that I will pass it with dedication and motivation. Of course, I am more relaxed as a result and can finish with peace of mind.
What surprised me in a particularly positive way was the short time between registration and the first tutoring session, which took me just under a week.
I can recommend Pegasus to everyone.

I am the mother of Marco, 13, who had problems in public school from the first day of school.
In the first middle school we finally decided to seek the help of Pegasus. This decision was the best thing we could have done, as Marco’s performance in school improved, also because the basic knowledge was caught up and the current subject matter was deepened.

Furthermore, I would like to note that it is extremely pleasant that the tutoring takes place at home, as:
– the parents have an overview of the learning progress
– any problems can be solved immediately on the spot

Our son had to prepare for the entrance examination to the 3rd Technical Highschool. Since he moved to the new school, we had to prepare physics, technical drawing, maths and chemistry. We started preparing in May with the help of a Pegasus teacher and he passed the exam in the autumn. All of us, and especially my son, are very happy. Now he is in the school he really likes.
Pegasus sent us a young competent and motivated teacher who was able to help my son in all subjects. He tried very hard and was patient. Thank you to the whole team, we couldn’t have done it without you.

I would like to give you a short feedback on how the tutoring sessions went. Our tutor Sandra is very competent and even manages to get Samuel to voluntarily repeat what he has learned with her in his free time. She gives him tips on how to learn independently and he has already achieved his first successes.
Yesterday he got an 8 in Italian and today a 7 in English, which is an increase of 100%. He is very happy and I am even happier, we know even more now that it was the right decision.

I just wanted to thank you again for the quick help and to let you know that Julian has written an even 10 in the probability calculations, so he is definitely more than positive and is starting the new semester in good spirits.

I would like to thank you for your professional help. My daughter Sofia managed to get a 7 in maths, which is really an achievement. I can only recommend you!
I wish you and your staff a wonderful summer.

Thank you very much. We are more than satisfied with Mr H. Next year my second son will take his graduation and thanks to you without any problems, now you will soon be helping us for 10 years.
Many thanks and best regards



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